Jason Ferruggia & The Renegade Diet

So I just found out that Jason Ferruggia is going to be releasing The Renegade Diet on Janurary 17th, so make sure to head back here to see my complete review.

Jason Ferruggia & The Renegade DietI currently have the preliminary copy of the Renegade Diet and I really like it.  He has it tailored for whatever you goals are.  If you want to lose weight you make certain tweaks to it.  If you want to build mass (which I’m doing) you do it slightly different.  He even has parts for those that want to build lean muscle – lose fat and gain mass at the same time.

So the Renegade Diet is based on Intermittent Fasting – meaning you pretty much don’t eat anything for 16 hours and then eat in an 8 hour window.  It isn’t a new thing, a lot of guys talk about fasting including John Romaniello and Brad Pillon.  The main difference between this and some of the other programs is the way your meals are made up – undereating and overeating.

It all is dependent on what you eat and at what times.  For example you mainly eat carbs late at night.  That sounds crazy…especially for someone who is trying to lose weight.  I’ll spare you the science, you can learn all about that inside Jason Ferruggia’s The Renegade Diet book.

This is definitely some interesting stuff.  I just started on it a week ago and loving it so far.  It’s a lot easier to eat this way than having to eat every 2-3 hours.  I feel a lot better as well…yes I know its early still.  I’m looking forward to getting the updated version and will be sharing with you what’s included so come back on Janurary 17th where I reveal some more.

Oh…just in case you don’t know who Jason Ferruggia is, I’ve included a little bio.

Jason Ferruggia is an expert at strength and conditioning. He has been involved in this industry for nearly two decades. He operates a private training area in New Jerseyand has trained hundreds of athletes from college and professional sports. He has also given advice and instructions to emergency and military personnel, celebrities, and just everyday people who want to increase their level of physical fitness. Jason is a hardworking guy. He trains regularly, watches what he eats, and follows his own advice, because he knows it works.

Jason Ferruggia teaches an innovative “Renegade” philosophy of fitness.  He keeps it simple and goes hard.  With a huge following and lots of success stories, Jason is the real deal.  Make sure to check out his latest Renegade Diet to see how to take your body to the next level.

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